With more and more students battling severe anxiety, depression, substance use, and other mental health conditions, a mental health crisis or emergency can occur at any time, anywhere, on or off campus – and as a higher education leader, you need to have an action plan in place.

In our free resource A Guide for Telehealth Emergency Response Best Practices, we help you prepare for and prevent crises and emergencies that may occur in virtual settings. By building a comprehensive emergency response plan today, your campus can act responsibly and effectively before a crisis or emergency escalates.

How can you best support students in distress?

Download the resource to learn:

  • Why emergency response plans are so important and effective
  • How to evaluate a crisis situation in a virtual setting
  • Which best practices to implement
  • The benefits of establishing campus-wide care teams
  • What to do after a crisis situation is resolved

You play a vital role in supporting student mental health. Learn the basics of crisis and emergency response – and how to work more collaboratively with other stakeholders on campus.